Saturday, 20 April 2013



hari yang indah, 
kini sudah terang..

how im very appreciate 
say thanks to ALLAH to give me a smart friend as my.....
bestfriend, boyfriend, soulheart and the most important 
is my future husband.. in sha allah :)

mid sem break for the 4th semester.. 
only juz two stages more for me to finish my study as a

it was a FRIDAY STORY,,
we plan to spent together after encik chenta came back from the prayer of JUMAAT..
foremost thing, 
we have decided go to BATU FERINGGHI, 
but, after i saw the sigh board go to BOTANICAL GARDEN, 
i so excited and tell to my encik chenta..
he give me choice to chose one of the place..
but, we have not enough time becoz i have go back early,, :(
the time is short i think :'(

only go straight to BOTANICAL GARDEN,
and turn left to BATU FERINGGHI..

then, i said, we go to BOTANICAL GARDEN, 

that was my first experience go to BOTANICAL GARDEN.. 
the place is so peaceful 
i hope we can take photographer for our wedding at there !!!
hahahaha,, so high imagine rite??? :p

at penang bridge

i love to take a pic ^_^

peace >> juz want to give encik chenta jeles,,
that why i like to take a pic in car,, while encik chenta drive,, 
give him more tension too,,
so cruel i am *_*

already arrive at penang =D 

phheewwiittt!!! seat belt <3

my first pic at BOTANICAL GARDEN

im so surprise coz after encik chenta snap my pic,
suddenly one of the visitor come to us and volunter to take our pic..
dengan muka yg tersipu malu and kaget tahap ultromen,,
first time meet the person like that..
tQ soooo much sir ;)

di bawah pohon bamboo, kita bermadu asrama,,
not, juz snap our pic..

i give u my heart dear <3

how sweet this place..
im really love it,,

this kayu is given from a young visitor boy,, 
he said, kat pondok cat putih tue bnyk monkey,,
xberanie nak jlan smpai atas..huhuhu
nie la kayu dya..budak tue pgg lg besaQ..
dah la dok mendong, 
mmg bnyk la monkey kan..
tp nmpak mcm jinak,, meby, dah besa ngan human kot

I LOVE U WITH all my heart <3

he complain that i tke the distance of this pic is so far..

very2 clear to ur ensem face =D


my butterfly,, 
i hope i will be the butterfly,,
because it so beautiful like???
butterfly lorh..

## i want go to BUTTERFLY FARM,,
in sha allah, meby after got a baby yet !!

last pic before back *_*

## pleasa, bring me here later !!!
promise keyh ???
i love this scene <3

parking lot,, have a muchmuch space,, 
so, don wory :*

nice rite??

walking to the car,,

i snap u,, mMMMuUUaAHhhH,,

we juz sesat go to BATU FERINGGHI,,
do not found the jlan nak men air laut,, 
a lot of villa there,,
we dunno how to park the car :'(
really sad actually,,
but I have big memory at BOTANICAL GARDEN,
I hope i can be there more because i want to explore more, more and more !!!

*** sja nak test speaking ENGLISH !!!
oh may english!!!

##SUMPAH jalan jem time nak belek,, dekat sejam setengah dari pulau nak pi seberang !
encik chenta manusia paling tension time tue ~~

xdapat makan coz xdak time,
aku senyap dlm keta coz encik chenta veryvery sturbborn so much!!
owg penang ckap > KETEGAQ!!!
mmg taw la naseb dya kan ~ xckap langsong,
saket aty punya pasal coz apa yang aku ckap,
dya xmau dengaq,,padahal utk kebaikan sapew???
cecite cket ??
ok bye !

***tetiba> saket plak aty titew**

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